Bia at Great American Music Hall

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The Great American Music Hall | San Francisco, California


Bia will be dropping some sweet rhymes at The Great American Music Hall. Look forward to the electric atmosphere of a live hip hop concert on Sunday 29th October 2023. From the minute you park within walking distance to The Great American Music Hall you can feel the electric vibe, and stepping into the concert arena is like stepping into a different world. With a transformed interior, it is a rapper’s paradise, feel the vibe from the epic surround sound! Have these amenities piqued your interest now? Then you should act quickly! Go on and book a ticket below by clicking on the ‘get tickets’ link.

Calling to you hip hop buffs! The time to order for your Bia ticket is NOW! Watch acclaimed hip hop performers do their thing live on stage! The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco brings you a memorable evening of pure fun in all of California. Come and revel in the music from the top-rated stage with outstanding sound and light engineering. Park at your convenience and look for something to snack on and sip on before or after the show in the numerous restaurants and bars in the neighborhood. You definitely do not wanna miss this party! Order your tickets below from the ‘get tickets’ button.

Bia at The Great American Music Hall

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