Citizen at Great American Music Hall

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The Great American Music Hall | San Francisco, California


How second to none is it when you realise the unrivaled alternative act around is going on tour for fall, 2023? Its even better when you realise Citizen is coming to California, San Francisco on Saturday 28th October 2023 for a stop in your home town down at the stunning The Great American Music Hall - the perfect choice for such an event. This Saturday evening will be huge, you'll have a pretty special month in October just wait! If you'd like to purchase tickets this is the right place, on this page you'll see the 'get tickets' link, click it now to grab yours, don't miss out!

If you are on the fence about getting tickets to watch an alternative music concert at the sensational The Great American Music Hall, then you must not have heard about all the breathaking features that the venue has. Besides the greatest performers who are invited to perform at their stage, the The Great American Music Hall offers everything that a music lover could ever want. The atmosphere and seating are both rich, warm, and comfortable so that you can fully focus on the phenomenal music on display. The acoustics and lighting have been specifically designed for an optimal viewing experience specifically created for the alternative genre. You can even enjoy refreshments before the concert from nearby vendors and cafes that are ready to make your Saturday evening special. So book your tickets for the most up and coming in alternaive music in San Francisco.

Citizen at The Great American Music Hall

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